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We are accountable for results; we bring leadership and the ability to get things done. Our actions will speak to our capabilities. 

We make things beautiful.

We are accountable for results; we bring leadership and the ability to get things done. The ability to inspire our team and to influence our team to follow, our capabilities to solve problems as they arise is our strength. Our loyalty to our team and our team’s loyalty to us is our prize possession. Our focus is to complete a project on time and within budget. We say what we do and do what we say always to produce results! What separates us from all is, we are people of execution. We are dependable, reliable and accountable for getting things done the right way the first time; because we have the capability of creating a path and direction that is focus on results and most importantly, we are problem solvers. We can speak of our abilities and our accomplishments; however, our actions will speak to our capabilities. 

Our Story

Our mission is to make the experience of construction for our residential and commercial clients great. Our Teams specialize in interior finishing’s and designs. KS is committed to their clients and takes that responsibility seriously. We perform all levels of building and remodeling and have experience in all facets of the construction industry, accrued over many years. 

Our Design Pillars 

MWe strongly believe that until unless someone doesn’t practise the true principles of leadership, self-disciplice, accountability and is not focused, he can not deliver a master-piece


Delivering something out of this world requires a phenomenal leadership and this is the key strength of KS Floors


We have a strong, tried and trusted mechanism of self-accountability in order to deliver quality work consistently


Our team is always focused for each of our client & precisely listens to their requirements and addresses it respectively

Work Experience

We have 10+ years of hands-on experience of designing floors and interiors and installaing stuff while precisely following clients’ requirements. Over the years, we have earned reputation of being trusted, reliable home design partners.